23 Jun 2011


Q/A – Do illegal aliens drive down U.S. workers wages?

by Jennifer James

It’s Q&A time again. This one comes from ‘♪’ who is asking…

Illegal immigrants from Mexico are working for far less money than US citizen workers and on a regular basis. An 18 April 2006 article in WSJ by Professor of Economics and Social Policy at Harvard University George J. Borjas (For a Few Dollars Less) quotes Paul Samuelson: an increase in supply [of workers] will, other things being equal, tend to depress wage rates.” Although Samuelsons conclusions were, for years, disputed, recently they have been proving to be accurate. http://www.nationalreview.com/issue/borgas200604250622.aspMestizo: I am bi-racial (American Indian+Scandinavian) so this is not a race issue for me or many of the people I know. My grandfather who *was* a bigot would just as soon have sent ALL immigrants to this country on a one-way Carnival cruise to the Bermuda triangle.You bring up an interesting question tho’. Why don’t you see white people picking veggies? Why don’t you see american indians picking veggies? because citizens of this country must abide by laws and pay for insurance, etc and they cannot compete with illegal immigrants who undercut their salaries. American citizens should be able to afford to go to college, in my opinion. This is not the case for many people, particularly those living in the midwestern part of this country. Consider yourself blessed.

Answer: I don’t even have to read your article to know this is true. Common sense says the same thing. The more workers available the less a company has to pay. Supply and demand. The ruling law of nature.

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